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April 13, 2005



My cousin's husband told me about this appearance and after the week you had last week, I'm glad for all of you for this opportunity. I'm also impressed by the way you lead. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your thoughts in this blog. It's one of the first things I do every day - read what you have to say.


"Lance in Iraq" (look to the Army Blogroll on the left) who is also a part of the 278th has posted some pictures of the CDB concert.


Well, I am glad you get some perks for being over there. So cute that I can see the picture he is signing is of you and Tiff. You are such a thoughtful husband even when you are far away from home. The women in your life must have given you a great upbringing or a ringing of some sort to keep you in line. haha
Take care of yourself and stay away from volunteering for any convoys.
love ya


Oh man. I'm completely jealous. I would love to see CDB!

I also love to read CD's Soapbox, on his website. He always has somethin good to say.


Sure Nikki, all due to the women who raised me. Are you including yourself? Ha ha funny sister you are.. Yeah, I saw how tough you were (from living with 3 bros), and figured that I better treat women right or else you would be lookin' to straighten me out, hee hee.

Chad-- CONGRATS on then engagement! Cherish Her Daily. dig the PTA site. later

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